Making the decision to hire a coach is a very personal one.

The reason I hired a coach in 2010 was because I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of a very busy business and fear was keeping me stuck.

In one conversation, I was able to dig deeper into that fear and understand it better.

What I discovered was that the surface fear was simply a mask for the underlying anxiety. The coach helped me see that my fear of letting people down was the real source of my dread. As we explored the root of this fear, I noticed its power over me began to lift.

There is a saying “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is” and this was certainly the case for me.

Moving forwards, I was able to devise strategies to not only minimise the possibility of letting people down, but also to be okay with it when disappointing others was inevitable.

Coaching was a game changer for me.

And it could be for you too.

Here are some great reasons why you might want to hire a coach:

1. To help you find direction

When you feel lost, confused, or stuck, a coach can help you find answers, different perspectives, and a new direction. By asking powerful questions, a coach can help you focus your attention on what is important to you and figure out what makes you happy.

2. To provide a safe space

Talking to friends and family is great, but you might be nervous about sharing your biggest dreams and darkest fears with those who love you most. You might be worried about what they would say if you bared your soul. The coaching space is different. It is completely confidential. This allows you to explore delicate issues, free of judgement, and go deeper in your personal journey.

3. To save time

Coaching accelerates your success. With the benefit of the coach’s knowledge and experience, you will be able to navigate problems more quickly and more easily. A coach will keep you motivated and on track and help you every step of the way.

4. To help you set goals and reach your potential

Not only can a coach give you the time and space to set clear goals, but she can also help you formulate a step-by-step plan to ensure those goals are achieved. Hiring a coach can help you get serious about the success you deserve to have, and motivate you to step it up a level to reach your true potential.

5. To keep you focused

Once you've figured out your goals and what is important to you, a coach can help you stay focused. If you have big dreams, it’s easy to be swayed by doubt and distraction. A coach will help to stay determined and on track.



6. To keep you accountable

If you’re good at making excuses or finding reasons not to do what’s necessary, a coach will put an end to your procrastination. A coach is there to be your cheerleader, but also to make sure you get the job done. She will encourage you and challenge you when necessary.

7. To gain perspective

A coach can offer you the time and space to consider yours and other perspectives on the issues you are facing. Looking at the bigger picture, or considering problems from a different viewpoint, can be very helpful when you feel stuck or helpless.  Perspective can also be useful in resolving challenging relationships.

8. To increase your confidence

It can be lonely in business. It is easy to feel isolated and for doubt to creep in. This can have a negative effect on your confidence. A coach allows you the time and space to air your concerns and explore what is at the root of them. Clearing out old beliefs can open the way not only for more confidence but also improved self-esteem, a reduction in negative thoughts, increased motivation, and greater happiness.

9. To improve your mindset

Sports coaches help athletes to get into peak physical shape, but what sets champions apart is their winning mindsets. If you want to win, you must think like a winner. This can involve letting go of limiting beliefs and installing a more positive mindset. A good coach can help you to do both.

10. To build your personal awareness

Being self-aware is key to understanding what makes you tick and to unlocking your potential. A coach can help you to know yourself better, to celebrate your strengths, and to reveal any blind spots which might be holding you back. A good coach has the courage to show you what you cannot or do not want to see.



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