Five truths to running a business without burnout

Are you a successful female business owner with a history of depression?

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of work you must do just to keep all those plates spinning?

Are you frustrated that your progression is up and down?

Are you worried that your personal life is suffering because of all the sacrifices you are making?

Would you like to be completely consistent in how you feel, in the actions you take and in the results you see, instead?

Would you like to create more freedom within your business so that you thrive financially and mentally?

Are you ready to begin a more stable, balanced, harmonious life?

If so, I can help you.

My signature programme, Serenity Success School, is a 12 week 1:1 course designed to help you to stop limiting yourself and show you how to regulate your mood, emotions and energy effectively.

I’m Amanda and I’m a coach and multi-award-winning business owner.

I’ve been featured in several publications, including ‘The Lady’ and I’ve appeared on BBC1 as an expert in my field.

After 11 years, I successfully sold my first business for a six-figure sum.

It is now my mission to free female entrepreneurs from the belief that they must work incredibly hard to be successful and show them how to work less and achieve so much more!

Working with me will not suit everyone. If you respond well to someone who will challenge you and champion you in equal measure, you will love how I operate.

As a business owner of over 13 years, I really understand the challenges being an entrepreneur brings: the fears and concerns, the sleepless nights, the financial burden, the isolation at the top. I know the amount of emotional resilience you need to succeed. But I also know that there isn’t only one route to success. It is possible to navigate a calm and peaceful path and still see extraordinary results.

How I Can Help You

1-1 Coaching

Coaching in-person, by telephone or by zoom.
Packages available are:
3 months intensive, with 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions per month, full and unlimited access to my online course, Serenity Success School, plus additional remote support throughout - £2000. . 6 months intensive, with 3 x 1 hour coaching sessions per month, full and unlimited access to my online course, Serenity Success School, plus additional remote support throughout - £4000.

Business Mentor

Everyone should have a mentor in business.
With me as your mentor, not only will you be able to benefit from my skills and experience, but you will also learn the specific techniques that helped me, and continue to help me.
Specifically, I can help with managing stress, employing and motivating others, health and safety, sales techniques and developing a sound business mindset.

Serenity Success School

A 12 week coaching course, combining learning online with 1-1 coaching .
The aim is for you to complete the programme with new perspectives, greater self-awareness, and specific actions to help you achieve true happiness and sustainable inner calm.
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Why hire a coach?

Making the decision to hire a coach is a very personal one. The reason I hired a coach in 2010 was because I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of a very busy business and fear Read more…

Words of Wisdom

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What my clients say

Amanda is one of the most brilliant people I have had the pleasure to meet.
She is calm, and compassionate, but also isn't afraid to ask you tough questions when needed. I feel that just spending time with her has helped me, and she has really been key in making me think differently. Honestly can't say enough good things.
A truly lovely person and an amazing coach.

T.C., HR Consultant and Business Owner

I gained a lot from my business coaching sessions with Amanda. She has extremely good communication skills and was able to really listen and hear what I was saying and completely engage with it.
Amanda offered strategies and ideas that were so in tune and relevant to what I needed. Each session was a magical space which changed me in some way.
Amanda is a mine of informative resources including her own Serenity School course which helped me plan my next steps and also shift any lingering ideas that were holding me back.

I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda and her ability to lead you to see all the great things about yourself that you're not looking at.

Amanda is a really talented coach who is passionate about her work. Thank you Amanda!

C.H., Copywriter for Change Makers

I have been having coach sessions with Amanda for three months now over zoom. I have to say that her sessions have helped me so much. They have given me a strong sense of clarity, helping me have a clear direction in my life. Working with Amanda has also enabled me to acknowledge some painful feelings that I was afraid to. Now I'm learning to acknowledge them and then simply let them go. This has been life changing. I am truly grateful and wholeheartedly recommend her. xxxxxxx


I have worked with Amanda for several months now and have found the experience extremely rewarding. My intention as a new start-up business was to get some guidance about goal-setting and how to manage all the competing demands for business growth vs my personal goals. Very quickly, Amanda managed to deep-dive into the fundamentals of what I wanted not only from my business, but from my life. Through working with her, using various techniques, I have learnt a new approach as to how to deal with problems as they arise - are they even problems?! - and have adopted a fresh and new way of thinking which has undoubtedly had a positive impact on my relationships with clients and how I view both personal and business success.
Amanda is extremely patient and kind and her coaching abilities coupled with her knowledge and experience of running her own businesses has proved incredibly insightful. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring business or mindset coaching.




I have really appreciated my business coaching sessions with Amanda over the last six months.
Amanda holds space for me to pause away from the busyness of my business, to evaluate, reconsider and gain clarity. Often I have arrived with concerns and the pressure has really lifted during our session. When my mind feels really jumbled with lots of entwined ideas, tasks on the go, or burdens of employer responsibilities, Amanda has a very natural style to enable all of the chaos in my thinking to reorder and gain structure.
I’ve really felt so inspired by the direction of our sessions. Conversational but very purposeful.
I’m really grateful for the progress Amanda has enabled in me.




I've had the pleasure to work alongside Amanda and have gotten to know her not only as as a very warm personality, but also highly skilled in identifying where change is needed, and therefore creates opportunities for growth! I have personally had a peek at her new signature course, and can highly recommend it if growth on all levels, spiritually AND in business is your goal!

H.O., Hypnotherapist 

I recently set up a new business, The Dog-G8 Co and felt I needed to get some support with my mindset for this demanding project. I could not have chosen a better person than Amanda. We met regularly and her skill and knowledge to keep my mindset on track was just what I needed throughout the launch of this project. Thank you Amanda.



I absolutely enjoyed my Power Hour with Amanda.
She makes the hour flow with a great combination of visualization and coaching.
We explored different themes, and she guided me through them with precision and wisdom.
I felt high vibe and calm at the same time afterwards. Amazing feeling.
Thank you!


Juliane, Mindset and Business Mentor

Amanda's Power Hour is an absolute must!
I'm completely suprised at the shift in energy I experienced in such a short space of time. I feel like Amanda has helped me discover a powerful tool kit that will equip me on a daily basis in attaining my goals and visions whilst keeping me grounded.
She created a very safe space where I felt comfortable exploring some factors that I felt were holding me back from my full potential.
I can't wait to put the strategies we discussed into play. Thank you Amanda.

Sophie, Social Media Strategist

Just had my call with Amanda for our Power Hour and I cannot recommend her enough.
We talked through a few business mindset challenges I was facing and a few money mindset stuff. You don't know what you don't know. And that's why you need a coach to tell you that maybe you've been bullsh&^^ing yourself.
Amanda held up a mirror in front of me and I could see my lies and truths in light.
Please, just sign up.

Divya, LinkedIn Lead Gen Coach