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Five truths to running a business without burnout

What I Offer

1-1 Coaching

Coaching in-person, by telephone or by zoom.
Packages available are:
3 months intensive, with 1 hour weekly calls plus additional remote support throughout £1500.
3 months ordinary, with 1 hour fortnightly calls plus additional remote support throughout £750.
The aim is for you to gain new perspectives and clarity and to identify actions which will achieve the ultimate goal of creating sustainable inner calm.

Business Mentor

Everyone should have a mentor in business. I do!
With me as your mentor, not only will you be able to benefit from my skills and experience, but you will also learn the specific techniques that helped me, and continue to help me.
Specifically, I can help with managing stress, employing and motivating others, health and safety, sales techniques and developing a sound business mindset.

Business Freedom Group

This is an exceptional group for business owners who have already accomplished a great deal, but who want to ELEVATE their success to the next level and beyond.

This group is about how to attain three of the biggest freedoms having your own business can bring - MONEY, TIME and PEACE OF MIND. If you want to know how to increase your sales, manage your workforce with ease and sleep well at night...you're in the right place.

What my clients say

I took up the opportunity to have sessions with Amanda with little idea of how coaching worked and a little sceptical. I can honestly say it was the best experience; the sessions gave me time and uninterrupted space to talk through the challenges I didn't feel I was dealing with particularly well. After each session I felt much clearer, more confident and with practical ideas going forward. I would highly recommend coaching and in particular Amanda as a coach. She is knowledgeable, calm, non-judgemental and guided each session at just the right level for what I needed. A total professional.


I am a relatively new business owner and Amanda’s help over the past few months has been invaluable. She is very good at listening, isolating the issue and inspiring me to think of new perspectives on challenges. Amanda’s style is relaxed, but professional and she is clearly focused on getting the best for her clients. Amanda’s coaching has prompted me to re-evaluate both my business and inter- personal relationships and this has had a profoundly beneficial impact on both! I would not hesitate to recommend Amanda. Thank you so much ?


As a 20 year old looking into their future I took the opportunity to have coaching sessions with Amanda. I’d had previous career coaching sessions which was great and gave me helpful tools to take into the business world. Amanda however offered extremely helpful and supportive life and career coaching. She started the very first session off by explaining that she was there to help me find and achieve what it is I desire and require to make myself happier! I can whole heartedly say that this was 100% true. Week after week we used different exercises and methods to evaluate aspects in my life I wanted to improve. We then found ways of doing this and took action. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the sessions I had and the methods given to me to help me in life! I am now looking forward to what lies ahead in life and to use the skills Amanda has shown me to be able to do what I love and love what I do!


I have been having coach sessions with Amanda for three months now over zoom. I have to say that her sessions have helped me so much. They have given me a strong sense of clarity, helping me have a clear direction in my life. Working with Amanda has also enabled me to acknowledge some painful feelings that I was afraid to. Now I'm learning to acknowledge them and then simply let them go. This has been life changing. I am truly grateful and wholeheartedly recommend her. xxxxxxx


I have worked with Amanda for several months now and have found the experience extremely rewarding. My intention as a new start-up business was to get some guidance about goal-setting and how to manage all the competing demands for business growth vs my personal goals. Very quickly, Amanda managed to deep-dive into the fundamentals of what I wanted not only from my business, but from my life. Through working with her, using various techniques, I have learnt a new approach as to how to deal with problems as they arise - are they even problems?! - and have adopted a fresh and new way of thinking which has undoubtedly had a positive impact on my relationships with clients and how I view both personal and business success.
Amanda is extremely patient and kind and her coaching abilities coupled with her knowledge and experience of running her own businesses has proved incredibly insightful. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring business or mindset coaching.




I have really appreciated my business coaching sessions with Amanda over the last six months.
Amanda holds space for me to pause away from the busyness of my business, to evaluate, reconsider and gain clarity. Often I have arrived with concerns and the pressure has really lifted during our session. When my mind feels really jumbled with lots of entwined ideas, tasks on the go, or burdens of employer responsibilities, Amanda has a very natural style to enable all of the chaos in my thinking to reorder and gain structure.
I’ve really felt so inspired by the direction of our sessions. Conversational but very purposeful.
I’m really grateful for the progress Amanda has enabled in me.




I recently set up a new business, The Dog-G8 Co and felt I needed to get some support with my mindset for this demanding project. I could not have chosen a better person than Amanda. We met regularly and her skill and knowledge to keep my mindset on track was just what I needed throughout the launch of this project. Thank you Amanda.



Amanda is an amazing coach.
Her life experience, knowledge and understanding importance of mindset, helped me to be more relaxed, calm and listen to my inner truth.
She interviewed me on her Instagram live, and in that conversation I realized to let go control is natural thing, and importance of believing in myself. Day by day.
Thank you Amanda💜

N.C., Business Owner